(i.) Who is bram?

Hi, I am bram. I am the youngest offspring of

two mathematicians who were well known in the

field. Everyone in my family is either

a scientist or a mathematician. Growing


up, our parents helped us with our math

homework, and my goal is to pass what they

gave to us on to you. I have my second degree in

mathematics from a well-known university in the USA.


I have been teaching and tutoring math at the college


and high school level for over 20 years.

(ii.) What are the subjects and levels that the

site offers help with?

Currently, the site offers help with:

algebra I and II, college algebra,

trigonometry, precalculus, and calculus

I and II.

(iii.) What level of student is the site intended for?

The site is intended for use by adults, college

students, high school students, and parents.

(iv.) Is it possible to get help on a test

at this site?


(v.) What is the contact email for additional

questions about ?

If you have further questions about the site,

just email me at: .